Education Should Be Adaptable

The unexpected occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the entire world not just socially but economically as well. The education world, a place responsible to equip our children for an unknown future, is not spared too and is now going through its greatest test. Is the education world truly ready to help children adapt to the unforeseeable future?

We are now living in this unforeseeable future and have witnessed how some schools closed their doors to children who are no longer learning despite being in the prime of their life. Others are feeding the children homework after homework. A few set up pre-recorded online videos with little or no engagement with the children. The sight that unfolds before us shows that the education world did not readily adapt to this unforeseeable future. How then will these institutions that are supposed to lead by example prepare our children for the unknown?

“Education Should Be Relevant and Engaging.”
Anne Tham - Founder of ACE EdVenture, Dwi Emas International School, Sri Emas International School, Sirius Scholar Study Skills

ACE EdVenture Schools

for IGCSE and IPC


Come, See for Yourself

We know of your worries and difficulties faced during this challenging Movement Control Order (MCO) period. Keeping your needs first in mind, we want to invite you to join our international schools via ‘ACE EdVenture International School Online’ where your child gets to experience our ACE EdVenture Approach. In this programme, your child is required to attend our online classes from 8:30am until 4:30pm, Malaysia time, GMT+8. We adopt innovative and futuristic teaching methods that are engaging, fun but relevant to the needs of the future.

How are Classes Conducted?

Most online classes are religiously guided by textbook information. At ACE EdVenture, we practice our home-grown ACE EdVenture Approach, a unique teaching methodology which emphasises on fun interactive learning that focuses on building our children’s skills and character. Hence, our approach is not only engaging and relevant, but also flexible and adaptable. Our IGCSE-certified and primary school syllabuses will run in concurrent with our January and August Intakes classes. While many education institutions run their online classes via traditional methods such as talks, reading, writing and online discussions, ACE EdVenture does it differently. Here are some highlights of our online classes:
• Classes are conducted "live" online
• Includes Art Programme, Supercritical Skills For Life & Sports
• No Registration or Annual Fee

Entrepreneur Classes Now Open!!

ACE EdVenture is now opening its entrepreneur classes for the ‘ACE EdVenture International School Online’ programme. Our entrepreneur classes feature the mind-blowing ‘Powerpreneur’, a curriculum that empowers our students to think like an entrepreneur by taking up problem-solving and innovation skills then coach our students to apply them to real life. Prior to this, our entrepreneur classes are solely offered at Dwi Emas International School and we have trained up to 1,500 young entrepreneurs to date.

We Invite You to Join Us.

Curriculum School
(in 2021)***
Includes Work
Assessment & Marking
Class Hours
Malaysia Time
(MYT, GMT +8)
17RM 2,600/mth
(for Malaysian)
USD 600/mth
(for non-Malaysian)
410RM 2,800/mth
(for Malaysian)
USD 650/mth
(for non-Malaysian)
713RM 3,200/mth
(for Malaysian)
USD 750/mth
(for non-Malaysian)
1015-16RM 3,600/mth
(for Malaysian)
USD 850/mth
(for non-Malaysian)

** Fees - includes work assessment & marking

As part of Ace Edventure International School Online, students will be assessed on their work and given feedback for further improvement.


The age of your child in the year 2021 should be as shown in this column & eligible for the indicated School Year. Exceptions can be made on a case-to-case basis if your child is 1 year younger, provided he/she is born before 1st July of his/her birth year (e.g., if your child is 5 years old in 2021 & born before 1st July of 2016, then he/she is eligible for enrolment to School Year 1).


1. IPC - Cambridge’s International Primary Curriculum
2. IGCSE - Cambridge’s International General Certificate for Secondary Education

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